Exciting New 'African Flavour! to our Website!

Exciting New  'African Flavour! to our Website!
1 May 2015



Exciting Things is truely excited about the new 'African Flavour' Range that we have secured.

By way of introduction, as of today, a unique line of LED Table Lamps known

as 'Glow Horn' (TM) has been introduced.

Made from polished Nguni cow horn and sustainable indigenous or invasive exotic wood,

they are available with a variety of optional leather & hide inlays, brass corner brackets,

ornate upholstery studs and rubber or cast alloy feet. Each Lamp is handmade

and one-of-a-kind.  They give off a unique, warm glow adding ambiance to any


All lamps include:  Energy efficient LED bulb;  2-3 Pin Adapter; and a booklet on both

the Nguni Cattle and the wood used for each particular lamp.

Keep an eye on this site as, over the next few days, more great products will be added to this range.

The 'E.T.' Team