Great News! 1st quarter update.

Great News!   1st quarter update.
2 April 2015



Already into the 2nd quarter of 2015  .......   How time flies when you

are having FUN (or working hard!)


The reason that we have been a little quiet over the past few months,

is because we have been working feverishly to provide you with the best

possible experience when shopping with 'Exciting Thing's  -  there is soo

much happening.   There are a number of projects in the system to

make your shopping experience with 'Exciting Things' the very best.you

have ever had!   Some of the projects we have been working on are:-

a)        We have received quite a number of 'New' stock items which have been

           loaded onto the website for you already  but watch for the latest slider which

           will identify some of these for you.

b)       We have also made it easier for our customers to make payment for their

          goods by either EFT (Old) or Credit Card (New).   Once your order has been

          confirmed you will be sent the link to this facility.

Have a wonderful Easter, and WATCH  THIS  SPACE  for further developments!

'The E.T. Team'