Something 'Special' for your Christmas Table!

24 September 2016

                                                   PLANNING  YOUR  CHRISTMAS  TABLE.


It takes a lot of planning to set the perfect table for Christmas!!

We, at Exciting Things have put together a 'Christmas Pack' of  Ideas which will enhance your table this year   .......

by adding a little 'Greening' to your Christmas Table.


The products in this article are made out of Handmade Paper, turned into the products suggested and create

emplyoment opportunities to an aver growing number of

Menu Cards:                Do your Menu early and let us have the details.  We will have it printed on Paper that,

                                      once the day is over will grow into:

Serviette Rings:          (Packed in Sets of 4)  ........  Invite guests to take the serviette ring home with them. 

                                      Plant it and watch it grow into any of the following:

Gift Tags:                      Why not use our Gift Tags for all your gifting this Christmas Season. 

                                      Once the festivities are over, follow the instructions on the back and watch them grow into:

Christmas Cards:        For those Family and Firends who are not able to share the day with you, send them a

                                     Christmas Cards which, once the Season is over, they can plant and remember you whenever